Fixed adhesive tape

It has a wide range of products, good tights, difficult to retain glue, convenient and quick operation, and is widely used in the dressing and fixed application of electronic appliances, large-scale engineering, transportation, power facilities, water con
1. Single-sided PET fixation tape

High strength PET fixed tape is suitable for all kinds of plastic and metal and metal packaging, with good adhesion and retention.

2.Single-sided fibre tape

High strength unidirectional fibre tape is suitable for heavy objects to be tied up, pipes and fixed pallets.

3. Single-sided mesh fibre tape

Ultra-high strength grid fiber tape, special adhesive, easy to remove and leave no glue, better than a variety of equipment and electrical appliances parts paste fixed.

4. Single side fixed tape

High strength fixed adhesive tape, special adhesive, easy to remove and do not leave residual adhesive, applicable to household appliances fixed, such as refrigerator door, air conditioning air outlet.

5. Single-sided PP tape/sealing tape:

Transparent single-sided tape is made of BOPP thin mold coated with water-emulsion acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is characterized by high tensile strength, light weight and easy to use. It is suitable for sealing and fixing of various products and pasting on embroidery stretch fabric