glass wool board

Features: class A fireproof material, uniform thickness, flat surface, high strength, good air blast resistance; Widely used in central air - conditioning pipe insulation, noise reduction role.
Glass wool board is the glass cotton deep processing product, it USES the raw material is glass wool board semi-finished product, through polishing, spraying, sticker, processing and other processes made. In order to guarantee common certain adornment effect, surface basically has two kinds of treatment method: one is affixed plastic face paper; The second is to spray on its surface. Spray is often made into relief shape, its shape has large flower pressure, in the flat and small spots such as spray patterns. It has much colour to offer a choice, use more at present is white.                                                                                                 


1. Environmental protection is healthy, non-toxic and harmless

2. Lightweight materials, easy to construct

3. Strong earthquake resistance and high durability

4. High insulation efficiency and low thermal conductivity

5. Class A non-combustible material, with high fire resistance

6. Excellent sound absorption and noise reduction can effectively prevent sound transmission