Processing die-cutting complex products

Shock resistance, noise reduction, bonding, insulation, conductive shielding, reinforcement, sealing protection
EVA, Foam, Anti-slip, Anti-shock pad, Protective film,Lohmann rubber pad, France Gergonne rubber pad, 3M double-sided rubber car interior and exterior decoration cushion, rubber strip, silicone cushion rubber pad and other products. The development of maintenance industry has made the application of products far beyond the scope of the original electronic industry, and extended to sports, building materials, decoration, household, tourism, gifts, toys, packaging, heat preservation, antistatic and other fields.

Main products: EVA foam, EVA rubber gasket, EVA MATS, EVA foam, EVA stickers, EVA, sponge MATS, EVA foam wheel, coil, cartoon toys, puzzles, EVA back glue, high foam, high elastic, high density and color, environmental protection, glue, double-sided tape,, textured adhesive tape, invisible tape, polyimide film, conductive foam, conductive aluminum foil tape, conductive copper foil tape, green high temperature tape, goldfinger high-temperature tape, acetate cloth tape, PET flame retardant tape, Lohmann adhesive tape,Gergonne tape, 3 m, all kinds of adhesive tape foam EVA article points the processing type etc. Widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, medical care, construction, printing, packaging, daily necessities and other industries, can also be customized according to customer requirements or sample processing.

Silicone rubber pad: rubber foot pad, silicone foot pad, rubber punching type, silica gel punching type, EPDM, PU, PVC transparent rubber pad, glass rubber pad, anti-collision rubber pad, furniture rubber pad, TPR rubber pad, anti-skid foot pad, anti-shock foot pad, self-adhesive pad, packing rubber pad, bottle cap sealing washer, rubber washer, sealing washer, high-temperature resistant pad, etc.

Molding processing: PET meson, PVC sheet, wheat pull-in, insulating films, mica sheet, PC meson, copper foil gasket, the loudspeaker network, fast Pakistani paper, barley paper, flannelette, PORON foam, EPDM foam, CR foam, PE foam, green red PE film, PE film, PVC foam, SBR foam, reflective paper, copper foil, felted wool, copper foil conductive foam, aluminum foil conductive foam, conductive cloth, etc.

Extruding adhesive: Lohmann tape, France Gergonne tape, TESA tape, 3M, acrylic foam rubber molding agent die-cutting and stamping.