Sound absorption and noise reduction

Sound insulation products hardboard  Black, Gray, Customized Color
Color Black,Gray,Customized Color
Use Home, Hospital, Industry
Product size can be  customized
Sample Free Sample
Characteristic Eco-friendly, Soundproof
Material non-woven fabrics
Delivery 10-20days after deposit
Name of port Guangdong 

The sound-insulating product is mainly made of cotton fiber fabric corner material, which is mechanically shredded and opened, and then blended with a special binder, flame retardant, and preservative, etc., processed into porous material (also known as cotton fiber felt), mainly It is used for sound insulation, heat insulation and shock absorption of home appliances such as automobiles, air conditioners, washing machines, and dishwashers.

1. Good formability can be processed into various shapes;
2, sound insulation is good, effectively reduce the noise during equipment operation;
3, high flame resistance, flame retardant grade meets UL94-V0 standard;
4, good weather resistance, long-term sunshine wind erosion performance has no effect;
5. High thermal insulation and low heat transfer coefficient.